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Are you searching for reliable industrial garage door services in the Wheatland, Douglas or Cheyenne, WY area? Industrial garage doors need to stand up to harsh weather and constant use. The experts at Wheatland Garage Door LLC provide quality industrial garage door services at some of the most affordable prices in the industry.

Our industrial garage doors are offered in coiling, rolling and sheet metal constructions. Don't let weak or faulty garage doors slow down your production. Call 307-322-2200 today to receive a free estimate on installation or repair in Wheatland, Douglas, Torrington, WY and beyond.

What are the major benefits of steel garage doors?

Steel is one of the world's most popular materials used for industrial garage doors. Wheatland Garage Door offers steel doors that offer the following benefits:


  • Safety and security-steel can withstand attacks or accidents far better than other garage door materials. Steel also won't burn in the event of a fire.
  • Less maintenance-because of their extremely lightweight construction, steel garage doors put less strain on the springs, rollers and motor.
  • Value-steel is usually cheaper up front compared to wood or fiberglass doors. A steel garage door will also last longer and require less maintenance.




Experience premium protection and cost-effective performance. Reach out to us today to see if our industrial garage doors are right for your business.